Browse Safetly 1.0

Browse Safetly 1.0: Fast Enable or Disable Active Scripting and other IE Security Settings Without C disable `Active Scripting` and enable `Security Browsing` with two single clicks. If you can`t see correct some web page, just enable `Active Scripting` and disable `Security Browsing` with two single clicks. Remember- for maximum security for your computer system you must browsing with enabled `Security Browsing` and if possible with disabled `Active Scripting` Your first personal internet law must be- Security before Functionality. -if you want

PC Security Tweaker 9.8: PC security tweaking software you can use to tweak Windows-based computers.
PC Security Tweaker 9.8

PC Security tweaking software to tweak Windows-based computers. Tweak access to lots of Control Panel applet functions, enforce users to use separate system profile folders, disable selected Start Menu items, lock and protect disk drives in My Computer, disable the DOS and command prompt, interruption boot keys, real DOS mode, Registry editing, taskbar, task manager, and network access, hide desktop icons, and much more.

folders, network, system, specific, windows, desktop, protect, users, control, disable, tweak, access, menu

Bulletproof Public PC 7.6: Comprehensive solution to produce public PC and kiosk desktop terminals.
Bulletproof Public PC 7.6

Comprehensive solution to produce public PC and kiosk desktop terminals that are intended to work without supervision. Disable access to the local files and give the full access to the necessary applications only. Allow using Internet Explorer and disable all other software. Bulletproof Public PC is good for public libraries, Internet cafes, online terminals and in-store kiosks. User profiles and time-locked codes are also supported.

internet, locked, only, time, workstation, access, applications, desktop, software, bulletproof, terminals, public, user

WindowStudio 1.3: Expansive Features Like: Change Titlebar Text/Icon, Resize Any Window, And More!
WindowStudio 1.3

WindowStudio is desktop customization suite that includes many powerful tools such as: Change Window Title Bar Text/Icon, Save Window Icon Into File, Set Window Transparency, Enable/Disable Window Close Button, Make Window Float, Disable Clipboard, Permanently Change IE Text, Change Taskbar Transparency, Resize Unresizable Windows, And More!!

save window icon, window, disable close button, change program i, hotkeys, customize window, change window text, maximize window, change, window title bar, window transparency, window screenshot, resize window

Admit One 1.52: Enable and disable all Windows access password prompts with just one mouse click
Admit One 1.52

Admit One lets you enable and disable all Windows access password prompts with one mouse click. Relax security at home - enable full security with one click when on the go. Great for desktop PC`s as well where privacy and security are needed. Instead of working your way thru a dozen different Windows dialogs, Admit One conveniently lets you enable or disable all passwords prompts with just one mouse click. Admit One - don`t leave home without it!

stolen, access, anti theft, protect, steal, guard, password, security, theft

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HTMLCrypt 3.00

HTMLCrypt is a software to protect your web pages and prevent others from viewing and reusing your web page source code, including HTML source code, JavaScript, VBScript, text, links and graphics, thus protect your hard work and unique design on the web.

coderhtml, protect html code, html encryption, script encryption, htmlcrypt, coder, java encryption, disable right click, html protect, protect, crypter, crypthtml, vb script encryption

OpenWithView 1.11: Disable/enable items in the  `Open With`  dialog-box of Windows.
OpenWithView 1.11

OpenWithView is a small utility that displays the list of all available applications in the `Open With` dialog-box of Windows, and allows you to easily disable/enable the applications in the list. When application is disabled, it won`t be displayed in the `Other Programs` section of the `Open With` dialog-box.

open, enable, window, with, disable

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